Expecting the Spectacular

Hola amigos! I hope all is well for you and know that you are in my prayers.

I will be in Guatemala in 16 days. I’ve never been out of the country nor on any sort of mission trip that didn’t involve sleeping in my own bed later that evening. I don’t think I know exactly what I’m getting myself into here. Which is a good thing! When you’re preparing for… well, pretty much anything… they say to expect the unexpected, but I think in this case I’m going to expect the spectacular.

Spectacular experiences that I’ll get to tell stories about for the rest of my life; spectacular people I’ll get to call friends, brothers and sisters, and teachers; spectacular improvement on my grasp of the Spanish language;¬†spectacular moments that will make me realize just how GREAT (in every sense of the word) our God is;¬†spectacular new views on what it means to be a follower of Christ.

These are my expectations. I’m certainly excited to see how they are changed, filled, and carried out in my life when I get back.

This is gonna be big.

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