Living Uncomfortably

When I began this experience, I honestly was expecting something very different. I was expecting for an almost cushy time and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Although the latter is true, the former is certainly not. I have been so crazily uncomfortable these last few days. From camping in the woods on a whim with only three personal items to sharing a cabin with 24 other girls to rationing food for over 200 people… I have been uncomfortable.
But the Spirit of God has given me so much peace.

Every time I felt that I had doubts and was going astray from what I had been called to do, I was reassured by the incredible people at training camp. Especially by my beautiful teammates that have reassured me that I am meant to be here and that God has pursed each of us to become a family and a team. I have been called out so many times, and God has spoken through so many people.
I. Am. Amazed.
My heart is so full and so ready to begin this journey.

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