Starting Fires

Family is a word that is normally limited to relation by blood or people who have been in your life for many years.  Family wouldn't normally describe a group of peers that you have only knonw three days.  Relationships are developed and strengthened because we all have Christ in common. As a team we have already created so many memories together and we haven't even left the country.  Crazy Amazing things can happen when Christ is invloved.  Our second night at camp during team time we wanted to have a bonfire.  At our nighttime session we were told that we would be provided with materials for a fire.  When we arrived our our pit there were not any matches and very few logs. We stood for a moment deciding what to do when we noticed the underside of a charred log faintly glowing.

Our team quickly sprung into action gathering pine needles and small twigs trying to get a flame to ignite.  Others began to pray for a fire.  Sure enough the single ember on the log grew into a flame and the flame spread into a fire.

 I believe this fire greatly represents our time spent in Guatemala.  We will be going to places where there may be embers or small sparks for god or we may be in places with no traces of fire at all.  We are hoping to arrive there and ignite those embers with the breath of life which will help turn them into an unextinguishable blaze.  Leviticus 6:12 says, "The fire on the altar mus be kept burning, it must not go out."  With God all things are possible because He will go ahead of us and claim victory before the battle has even begun.  

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