The Nations Are Waiting

Am I adequate?  Am I strong enough?  Am I ready for this?
These were the questions that kept flooding my thoughts as all 190 college students traveling to 11 different countries loaded up on yellow school buses and set out on the long journey to the Training Launch-off Camp in Tennessee.

I was truly prepared for the unexpected when, along with the heat of the summer and exhaustion of travel, it was announced that we would be sleeping outside with nothing but our sleeping bags.  As my team of 16 began setting up camp for the night, thoughts of doubt hit me hard once again.

As I lay in my sleeping bag, swatting off strange bugs, with my T-shirt as my pillow I couldn’t help but stare up at the stars.  In that moment joy rushed over me as I remembered why I’m at this training camp and what I’m being prepared for.

I’m here because God’s plan for me is so much greater than I can ever imagine.  Because my heart has a burning desire to bring change to the Nations.  Because there is a child that has never encountered the embrace of someone who loves them, a woman who has never felt good enough, and a small city in Guatemala that is filled with darkness…and because God wants to use ME to show compassion towards that lonely child, explain the incomparable love of Christ to that woman who has no hope, and be a fire that delivers freedom to that city trapped in captivity.

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