Preparing For Battle

4 DAYS. That's all it's been?!?

After being dropped off at the airport, all of the mission trip participants (approximately 200 students are traveling all over the world!!!) were bussed to a training camp in the deep woods of Tennessee.  Even in the short time that we spent there, I can honestly say that I am already feeling a change!  What an awesome experience!  My team is comprised of 13 wonderful young women, along with 2 inspirational leaders, and after only a few hours together, the bonds began to form.  The LORD has divinely developed our team, and we get along so well– We're going to storm the gates of Hell with the power that the LORD has gifted us with!

We're leaving today… I'm actually currently in the airport in Atlanta.  When we set foot on the soil of Guatemala, we will declare that Satan has no power over us.  We're planning to take shifts to pray from the time we leave until we actually land in Guatemala.  The spiritual maturity of our team excites me to the highest degree, and I'm expecting HUGE things to happen.  Miricles, even!

So, with lots of bonding time, including a campout with only 3 items, painting a beautiful canvas, praying often, and simply becoming intimate with one another in our walks, this team has proven that its sights are on God, and that we will transform the country of Guatemala.

I expect only to grow closer to these girls over the next two months, as we eat rice and beans, shower in a bucket every 4 or 5 days, sweat like crazy, live in tight quarters (like the 21 girls in a cabin the size of my bedroom back home! Crazy times…), hear from God, and pursue His plan!  The camp has been so important for the unity of our team, and I'm excited to see what lays ahead!

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